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10 coins with 61 varieties.

2020 panda , 2020 Chinese New Year coin, 2020 auspicious culture series, Beijing palace 600th anniversary, 2020 China calligraphies series, 2020 world heritage series (unesco), 2020 China architecture and art series, 24 th winter Olympic, 2020 Beijing international coin show, 2021 lunar series - cow.

Few countries like USA, Singapore , Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and others have implemented the partial and full travel ban for China citizen and foreigners who been China during the virus timing with effective recently.

This also apply to the shipment. Thus coins is hardly able to ship out from china to those countries.

Situation prolong which affect the global economy due to China is would factory.

Would the china coin market in overseas affect by this Wuhan virus positively or negatively ?

USA tariff have make the 2020 panda coins selling price up. This is a double effect by the tariff and increasing spot rate of the silver and gold. Would the shortage of stock available in USA and cease shipment due to the Wuhan virus make the price up more ? In fact, I will not buy from USA but from other countries if I reside in USA. Price much cheaper even paying the shipping fee but the custom declaration must face the risks. Since the price have add tariff of 15 to 20 % which I rather buy a non fiat coin with lower mintage.

Let”s wait and allow the times to show us the future development of those factors.
Silver Panda Fiat Coins ONLY / 2020 silver panda in USA
« Last post by Administrator on January 26, 2020, 08:22:55 PM »
The USA traffic still valid for China import so means panda bullion coins and proof coins are subjecting to it. This is one of the reason which many coins dealers do not import for sell.

You can buy panda bullion coin much cheaper in other country and ship to USA in small quantity. Many countries has tax legislation which value below certain amount is not subjecting to any taxes. I am not sure about USA. This might help you to reduce cost in buying from neighbour country with much lower price and shipping fee.

You also can bet who win the coming nov president election and the phase 2 trade deal between USA and China.

According to Peter Anthony 2017, 2018 and 2019 are possibly Low actual minted panda coins due to numerous factors analysis by him and the market.

I suspect 2020 would be the same if no major changes. It hit by tariff & Wuhan virus in early of the year. Would balance of the time perform badly or recover in economy ? If no than it might be a potential on it.

I likely will buy 2019 and 2020 if spot down to 17 for silver and 1350 for gold.

I yet to really touch this 2 years panda for omp.

I Also notice lack of china and western dealer grade the FDI and early release gold panda for year 2020. Would it be opportunity or trap due to the overpriced in market !!!!
Foods of thought. Not believe the speculative market and those so call opinion of forum members. Do you homework. Still plenty time of the year to buy. It is not end of the days not buying one or 2 years panda.

FDI ms70 cost around 7x not 9x usd per pieces.

2019 1 Kilo silver panda Fiat coin

Brief of box opening

PF69 are very hard to grade which price maintain strong.

I am not going for it.

As other low grade and omp price never drop BUT maintain.
New China Fiat Coins Announcement update ONLY / Re: 2020 8 g silver Fu coin
« Last post by Administrator on December 30, 2019, 10:53:32 AM »
2015 to 2019 Fu coins Photo

Are those varieties worth that much ? 

Are you really intend to pay for it?

Are those hyping?
Another peak been create by varieties of this circulating coin. What a crazy world which has 3 varieties been known in a short while and price go sky rocket high to RMB30,000 to RMB80,000 @ 4,300USD to 11,450USD.

Here the picture of varieties. Member has better photo. If you want to apply members which must make know via email to by recommendation. Few thousand unknown application been rejected.

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