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It is sad which the leading Lunar circulating coin second goat has drop below RMB50 recently. As analysis, the is the dawn period for those newly minted circulating coins even with the help of reforming.
2019 June 28 the new Calligraphic coin series will release. Here the peeping of 30 g silver coins with planned mintage of 20,000.

Member can view photo only.

Anniversary of the Issuance of Panda Gold Coin by Shanghai CaiQi Travel Souvenir

This souvenir company has issued the anniversary panda BUT it is not related to any China Mint. Thus, it is not authorised by POBC and China paper printing and Mint Co., Ltd.

They engage Shanghai Mint designer for the design and engraving BUT not the minting. The minting was done in private mint. Some forums have confused many readers it is using shanghai Mint facilities in minting it. It is wrong and not truth.

Just an update of the latest news in China. The sponsor has dumping the 90 mm brass and copper medals of the 35th Anniversary of the Issuance of Panda Gold Coin in non precious metals at around around USD120 for 2 pieces. However, the paypal and shipping to overseas like USA will be around 40USD or more.

Some beware buying medals must follow reputable sponsor rather than following the hype and rumour from internet. It is differ with legal tender with differ factors and consideration in decision making decision. Medal ( non fiat coins) and Fiat coins have their own decision making process and factors to consider. non fiat coin aka Medal is more complicated as my personal view.

I have some below 10 pairs to collectors recently for this medal due to attractive low price which I sold around 160-170 per pairs which ebay sell at 200 USD.

However, I do not has a good feeling on this medal.

10 video for 2019 Beijing Horticulture expo.

Here the new Russia and China diplomat anniversary coin.

10 k mintage for the silver. Very expensive as heard at usd220 for 30 g silver coin. This likely be the Africa China diplomat anniversary coin which still Super expensive initially and drop significantly after 1 or 2 year. I will not buy now and wait.

Here the photo only for member in order to prevent some other steal as always.

I went to the Beijing horticulture show. Even the Beijing bank does not carry the fiat coin for all. Very disappointed.
Utube channel & vidoe of / Re: 2019 May Beijing coin show.
« Last post by Jens on May 14, 2019, 10:52:23 AM »
Have fun!
I will visit the 2019 May Beijing coin show organise by Sponk, Stack's and Shouxi. Not sure will make video or not.

Hopefully get some good stuff available.

I also will visit the 2019 garden show in Beijing too.

Thanks, hard to find finished ebay transactions, though.
I'll let you know what it finally sold for (if i sell it).
Silver, Gold, Brass & Copper North Korea Coins / Re: NEW NK coin photo
« Last post by Administrator on May 12, 2019, 10:19:04 PM »
2019 Denuclear silver coin.

It has 3 varieties silver, brass and alum.

Mintage for silver is 500.

It is bullshiting by the distributor by saying the determination of North Korea de-nuclear after the meet up with USA.

North Korea and USA summit in vietnam were not favorable and North Korea has tested missile recently. It is distributor sales tactic.

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