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Temple of heaven panda and Nanjing mint panda series

😃 1988 Hong Kong coin show brass medal which is valuable than 1/10 gold panda and 2 oz silver coin. Who dare to say no legal tender aka medal not valuable and junk !!!! Fake news as claimed by USA president lol

Silver Panda Fiat Coins ONLY / Re: 2020 panda coin design
« Last post by Administrator on November 06, 2019, 10:11:45 PM »
Take note, many dealers in china and overseas try to capture market share of NGC bullion panda which price has been reducing significantly vs previous years despite silver spot up.

In fact the first day issue which you can get around 60usd per pieces or lower if by PayPal gift.

It might be a good bet.
Silver Panda Fiat Coins ONLY / Re: Half Oz Silver Panda Collection
« Last post by Administrator on November 06, 2019, 01:36:59 AM »
Silver and gold coin price have up recently due to spot rate.

I have sold my half oz to get a MS70 set. I sell at wrong timing.

Silver Panda Fiat Coins ONLY / Re: 2020 panda coin design
« Last post by Administrator on November 06, 2019, 01:22:01 AM »
NGC First day issue MS70

I have taken a long break for holiday. Will try to do video this week.
Silver Panda Fiat Coins ONLY / Re: Half Oz Silver Panda Collection
« Last post by perfulator on November 01, 2019, 04:05:49 PM »
Sure look forward to that! I'm also an avid collector of these neglected pieces, and for the same reason as you. They are usually very affordable and offer a wealth of oportunities to discover varieties. A mystery to me why most people neglect them, but good for us as it keeps prices down. For how long??

I do have a solid bunch of them and although the 94 frosted gap has been know in the market for quite some time, I think I was the first to get that one accepted by NGC to grade as a specific type. Well, at time of shipment, there were none, and at time of receipt there were one more, so who knows. Anyway I feel that type counts for around 10% (my qualified guess) so not that difficult to pick up still.

The only year I have not been able to add any types still after a lot of study, is 1993. I hope you some juicy news on 1993 and the other years. Actually I was thinking doing the same as you, to give a series of postings on the 1/2 yuans, but now I can just relax, sit back and enjoy  ;D

Silver Panda Fiat Coins ONLY / Half Oz Silver Panda Collection
« Last post by mynumismatic88 on October 29, 2019, 01:23:09 AM »
Half Oz silver panda is one of my favorite panda to collect. China Mint used to produce half Oz silver panda from 1993 to 1998 and it stop produce have Oz since then. I have been collecting this half Oz Silver Panda since five years back. And it never stop suprise me. Why? I suppose to collect 6 of this half Oz Panda as each year it produce ony one panda. And after I finsih all six pieces and then people willthen announce there is new discovery and I will start study again. I need to restudy again as often the information given is too little for you to search for it in the market. For example, someone just tell you that there is new variety for 1994 Half Oz Panda call "Frosted Gap". So what deos it mean? As I am not from base in China and it is not logic for me to buy bulk 1994 half Oz Panda to study, the only thing I can do is to search for the image of it online. And then I will compare one by one. After find out the what does it really mean by "Frosted Gap" then the next fund job is to hunt for it in market. Isn't it fund?! Well, with that I ended up collecting twelve pieces now. :)
I will share variety for each year later in other post. Enjoy!!

Silver Panda Fiat Coins ONLY / Re: collections
« Last post by mynumismatic88 on October 28, 2019, 10:30:53 PM »
Friend of mine suggest this 4 pieces as collection. it is rare and not so expensive.
1. 1995 1oz silver panda small twig and small date
2. 1999 1oz silver panda large date serif 1
3. 2000 1oz silver panda mirrored ring
4. 2001 1oz silver panda small D

The 2001 1 oz silver panda small D has been cited by china mint forum of poconopenn as faked coin by using an article by a ex-shanghai mint management staff. This has brought up conspiracy theory and unhappiness among members in the forum.

In facts, the mandarin article stated the 2001 1oz silver panda small D coin is "Fantasy coin" instead of Faked coins. Poconopenn is chinese who can read and write mandarin well. Foods of thought the reason he twist the article and put the fake news in forum. This is not the first BUT last of his action and few others. In facts, the mandarin article did stated it is real coin minted by authorised China official mint BUT not under plan. It can be many reasons so he name it as "Fantasy coin" instead of FAKE twisted by Poconopenn in china mint forum.
What Are Fantasy Coins?

If fantasy coins sound, um, rather fantastic, there’s a reason for that… fantasy coins are essentially coins that could have been made but actually weren’t.
If that sounds confusing, it really isn’t.

Fantasy coins are made to portray something that never happened or, in many cases, act as coins that might have been made at a certain point in history but for whatever reason didn’t ever materialize.

An example of a fantasy coin would be something like a piece featuring John McCain or Al Gore as president (which almost happened in both cases, but never did).

Oh, But I Thought Fantasy Coins Were…

…If you think fantasy coins mean those which are so expensive and rare that you’ll probably never own one, you’re right, too — to a degree. Many coin collectors refer to the ultra-rare, iconic rarities like the 1913 Liberty nickel and 1804 Bust silver dollar as fantasy coins.

Fantasy coins can also refer to unauthorized strikings of coins combining designs that were never meant to be paired together — like a Jefferson nickel obverse with a Buffalo nickel reverse.

After reading the above extraded article which give you a better ideas of Fantasy coins. This also the reason 2001 1oz silver panda small D was chased by collectors and willing to pay a high price. Current soft market value would be around 500-1200 for MS69-70. However, you need to meet a seller who willing to sell at this low price at soft market. If the collectors with holding power which you will hardly see it and buy it at this low price.

Good tips. :)
Silver Panda Fiat Coins ONLY / Re: 2020 panda coin design
« Last post by Administrator on October 25, 2019, 11:04:44 PM »
Better version

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