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1994 1 oz gold panda coin

1996 proof silver panda lowest in actual minted as cited by the formal book by NGC consultant. 1404 actual minted with 2 varieties as photo.

The price still maintain at affordable level since the trouble economy and information to market still slow.

I am puzzle pieces the reason Which price of this lowest minted silver panda market price still lower than others years of higher minted silver panda. The 1996 proof panda price has increased a bit but not as high as others with 10,000 or 30,000 mintage.

Silver Panda Fiat Coins ONLY / Re: 2020 silver panda in USA
« Last post by Administrator on June 26, 2020, 10:34:40 AM »
2020 china panda remain at high price in USA mainly due to tariff on china products by trump administration.

China USA relationship will not easily recover so fast.

The coronavirus impact on economy and world shut down of production for few months.

All above likely will affect the supply and demand.

I estimate the actual minted panda of 2020 would be a Low mintage of recent years panda coins.
Platinum has maintained at 800 which 60 days highest at 850. The premium over bar or coin is ranging from 10 to 15 % so need about 900 to breakeven.

Is that a good buy now ? Will it achieve 1000 in short future ?
Gold close break 1750 USD per oz. What will happen of the cold war between USA and China next week. Will it worsen or better for the coming November USA General election?

If worst that gold will break 1800 easily.
Specimen panda coins vs normal coin.

Reasons for specimen
1. Seek sponsor approval of final minting
2.Testing new technology possibility
3.Testing functionalities and popularity of market reaction on it
4.Act as sample
5. Testing new product before minting
6. Etc

In facts , specimen coins can future classify into fantasy coins for fun, prototype of minting or/and new R & D, sample for various purpose , restrike specimen of old coin design and etc. Each with certain mintage and purposes. The value will highly depending on purpose , availability to market , mintage and reason of minting & so on.

Here is one of the video of specimen coin with special approval objective 5 mintage only.

2019 valentine panda Gold and silver

Auspicious China culture series 2020.

Highlight is the bimetallic of good and silver coins make a comeback again. The plan issue and release date was March but it delay to end May 2020. Will cut one or 2 coins issuance if other coins keep delaying ? 

I suspect the real minted items of this item is low so not many flow into market at this recession economic with new start of Cold War initiative by USA.

However this just my personal analysis and suspecting no concrete evidence on it. Market price of this coin is high especially ebay. I will not touch it since I personally do not really into this series but just choose and pick certain design of the coin that I like of those series.


1984 China silver pagoda NGC 69 set - 200 mintage

"FU" CNY coin 8 gram silver with Plan mintage of 2.7 Million. This suppose to release in December BUT delay too. The first year of the series is 2015.

The below photo show you the coin from 2015 to 2019. ONLY the 2015 coin is up in value due to the mintage and first year of the series. The following years of the coins appreciation of value are limited as at now.  This is the reason that China policy to let all collectors has chain to get the coin at low price as collection and gift in Chinese New year THAN take it as flipping coins in the market. Thus, they increase the mintage significantly after the first year to prevent hyping and flipping in the market.

2020 coin photo.

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