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Official Mint Coins Show Panda / 2020 Guangzhou coin show photo
« Last post by Administrator on September 22, 2020, 05:22:49 AM »
2020 Guangzhou coin show photo. The coin show has happening on weekend 19 to 20 September 2020.

It is crowed and attract collectors without deter by the covic 2019. You can see there are wearing mask. Social distance isn’t possible and not necessary since the covic 19 are almost less than double digit or just single digit per day.

Most of the cases are imported from foreign countries. Yunan has locked down for 2 weeks due to mynmar jade Traders and foreigners has smuggle into China illegally and wide Spread the virus. It likely open up in next few days.

Nevertheless , seems coin market still hot and not hammer by the economy Recession. Has coin market out from softmarket and winter with the increasing precious metal spot price!!!!

I do see more activities in buying and selling in majority of the countries. More rare items been show up too. Hoarding is common for coin market regardless of legal tender fiat coin or non legal tender non fiat coin. The uptrend of market and recession make them dip into their last tiles of their house and sell as much as possible at good price. So hoarding of old and rare items likely show up but not expect price is Super cheap due to uptrend market. However you can expect lower if you bought items that overly priced like silver pagoda set ( non fiat) at 25k and 1/2 gold panda Fiat coin at 30k, scallop ox silver NGC pf70 at 2k. All at least loss 50 to 80%. This story tell you careful in purchase decision by Seeking many opinions and sources of information. Many dealers puppets, lobbying and self declare expert who try to get your money by projecting themselves as helping you and neutral.

Utube channel & vidoe of / Re: Weekly utube Q3 Jul to sept 2020
« Last post by Administrator on September 21, 2020, 07:09:56 PM »
2017 gold panda set by bank channel.

This video tell you a bit of sales channel of panda coin of china from early year till now. Price of bank is big different with normal coin market in china due to customer network N bases

Bullionstar has an interview with Chris Powell of GATA about this matter in September 2020.

Good view on it

Gold Fiat Panda Coins ONLY / Re: Gold panda coin price trend to increasing spot
« Last post by Administrator on September 17, 2020, 06:14:39 PM »
2016 is the first year of proof panda that change 5 oz to 50 gram, 100 gram and 150 gram.

However it actual minted are too high and gold spot at Low level so the demand is exceptional Low.

This the auction of 50 g 2016 NGC pf69 which fall below spot sold at 2985. This means the fiat legal tender gold panda coin is selling at 1857 per oz that spot at 1950. It is 5 % below spot. After minus the auction fee and grading fee the seller get below spot value and loss more money.

Recently there was a non fiat ( not legal tender) gold panda coin 50 g Omp sold at 4070. This is 1085 higher than legal tender gold panda coin.

A coins can be legal tender and non legal tender issue by China official means own by China government instead of private companies. They use coin technology not like private mint. They have advance counterfeit measurement technology than private mint. They are back by government with strong and research and technology in minting vs private mint. So there are no different between legal and non legal tender mint by government mint. But it is a big differences between government and Private mint.

This example of sold transactions showing you that non legal tender selling price at almost same period get better deal than legal tender. There are many factors like mintage , demand and supply, high relief vs Low relief, customer population , target customer , economic , personal preferences and many other factors affect the selling price of a coins regardless it is legal tender or not legal tender. Not misleading by one sources only.

Another gold panda coin 30 g baby panda sold at 2547 which is much more than spot as non legal tender coin by government mint of china but the legal tender 50 g 2016 sold Below 5 % of spot.

Those example tell you much and proven some self declared expert is not telling you all informations and facts.

Gold Fiat Panda Coins ONLY / Re: Gold panda coin price trend to increasing spot
« Last post by Administrator on September 17, 2020, 05:16:12 PM »
Another 5 oz 3 % above spot of 1950 per oz  NGC graded. The 3 % not enough to pay auction house fee and grading fee. 2006 is a good year of gold panda.

Utube channel & vidoe of / Re: Weekly utube Q3 Jul to sept 2020
« Last post by Administrator on September 17, 2020, 04:55:28 PM »
Proof libertad set mexico

Gold Fiat Panda Coins ONLY / Re: Gold panda coin price trend to increasing spot
« Last post by Administrator on September 01, 2020, 07:53:44 PM »
This another cases of big gold panda need the mentioned factor to sell at good margin else you will get spot only.

2012 5 oz panda sold yesterday. Price Rmb65,625 @ usd9,913 inclusive commission excluding shipping fee. Yesterday good spot at average usd1,980. This means 1980 x 5 oz is at 9,900. Buyer loss money to pay auction house commission by not even get at gold spot price not even mention cost of shipping to auction house, waiting time and opportunity cost of gold spot lower, grading fee and others if he choose to sell to Jewelry shop who buy at spot minus max 1 %. Unfortunately plenty of collectors have no network of selling big gold coin so those common and lack of demand big gold coins are bad investment as my personal view.

Big gold coin which you must select those high demand and buy at release price instead of peak price which might a good investment and good bet as my experience. Show panda which 100 gram and above with Super high premium with even super Low mintage are risky except you are good in selling big price items like coin dealers. USA very successful in getting collectors and dealers buy those big coin show panda with 3.5 to 8 Times of metal value but end up they get no secondary market. Some flippers think of getting chance to flip but if they jam the cashflow like hell fail to sell.

2018 panda coin family

This the auction price just ended on 25 August 2020. The NGC pf70 2020 proof 50 g gold panda coin sell almost at spot. It is 2020 proof gold panda instead of bullion. As told not everyone is nick brown can who have the network and able to sell at good price.

Rmb22866 including auction house fee@ usd3316 for 50 g gold panda coin. Why the f !!!! Gold spot for 50 g on that day was 3099. It is just 7 % @ 217 of spot. Can this $217 cover the NGC grading fee and auction fee ? Obviously NO !!!!!!!

Nanjing panda series #2 Beijing palace

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