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Nanjing Mint ONLY / Re: NANJING PANDA 2019
« Last post by Administrator on March 24, 2019, 10:34:48 PM »
A bit sick and tired last few days.

As usual an update of the sell status which Bimet 58% sold and Antique bimet 72% sold. The box likely red in color to reflect the Beijing Palace doors color.

Silver has been booked by resellers which will gone fast. There is a special version of silver which mintage likely to be 20 subjecting to final approval. It will stated in the same coa of silver. Almost all gone for allocation.

Take note the silver antique is at 69 mintage instead of 99 which expect fast gone too.

Bimet 63% sold antique bimet 75% sold. Expected bimet will sold another 5% more at China known customer.

Enamel antique sold 80%.

Silver and antique silver will pre-order in April soon.

The special varieties has been sold at more than 650 USD per pieces. NO reseller will get it so no need to approach them at all.

Here the picture of the first day of coin show.
Nanjing Mint ONLY / Re: NANJING PANDA 2019
« Last post by Administrator on March 24, 2019, 06:35:01 PM »
Here the changes of the lion statute to correct position. It is sample picture which the delivery will be 1st week of April 2019 as schedule.

Unfortunate, I cannot upload the clearer picture which show the temple of heaven dragon sharly. You will be super happy as when get it on hand. No comparison with others because none can mint it till now. I am happy to be part of the team which produce high end job.
China Circulating Coins / Coins discussion by Sun Keqian
« Last post by Administrator on March 24, 2019, 06:19:02 PM »
Mr Sun Ke qian is the author of China circulating coins of few books and also PCGS consultant. The PCGS circulating coins is using his index for the grading label.

He is very active in collecting, selling, writing books, educating coin program to organisation and school.

Here is one of his video in mandarin

This topic is discussion of the "value".

Why actress remuneration package is much higher than science workers, professional and others in china and even overseas. It is a global trend.

As when human being achieve the basis needs of foods, cloth and shelter which the luxury "want" become important to them. Therefore, they more than willing to pay the actress than science workers. The precept value of the actress is higher than other industry providers. This is the effect of higher GDP. We can see this happening to USA coins which morgan dollars go sky rocket high. China GDP is growing would this happen to china coins (legal and non legal tenders)?

Overall the global economic is slow. The coins market still soft. However, as when market pick up which people get higher GDP and income the price will change accordingly.

2010 1/4 is gold panda coin word added

This is another suspect of unreal listing which is Nanjing Mint Trimetalic Dragon and phoenix :-

I am not sure the reason which my sponsor items love so much by them. I always get copy of design and unreal listing on and off. on top of it, always get baseless attack by few persons intentionally BUT they has no balls to admit it.

This sellers too. Many get lure in.


Negative feedback and drop till 91.1 % 37 feedback fake listing and did not sell.

I will post some coin show photo this weekend. ONLY members can see it.
Perth Mint Has started the jewellery business. Is this consider a jewellery or coin?

Any meaning of display the last one in perth Mint for sell If 8 sold. There is no more than 9 mintage.  The premium is very very high.

What is your opinion on it?



Glittering with pink diamonds, the sumptuous Jewelled Dragon is a unique masterpiece honouring the Chinese mythical dragon, the most revered animal in ancient eastern culture.

Flawlessly struck from 10oz of pure gold, the stunning coin is surmounted by a three-dimensional portrayal of the highly symbolic animal. Its serpentine body and sinuous limbs are adorned with 117 meticulously hand-set Argyle pink diamonds representing scales, of which 81 symbolise ‘yang’ - or male, energy - and 36 represent ‘yin’ - or female energy.

Far from random, these numbers are closely connected with ‘nine’, an auspicious number traditionally associated with the noble Chinese Emperor. Each one is a multiple of nine, while the sum of each number’s digits adds up to nine.

Argyle Pink Diamonds

Argyle pink diamonds are among the rarest and most beguiling natural coloured gems on Earth. Coveted for their exquisite beauty and provenance, they’re so extraordinarily rare that no more than a handful are discovered annually at the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia’s rugged north-west Kimberley wilderness.

Adding to the Jewelled Dragon’s dazzling aura, its eye is represented by a rich green emerald from the 1,000 year-old Muzo mine deep in the Columbian Andes.

Symbolic Coin Design

The dragon’s mouth is open and eye twinkling in anticipation of capturing the elusive flaming pearl, a traditional metaphor for wisdom, enlightenment, and spiritual essence, partially hidden by spiralling mist and clouds. The sublime dragon soars exuberantly above rolling waves over which the creature is believed to have dominion.

Rare Beauty to Own

Only nine of these absolutely spectacular collectables will be released, making The Jewelled Dragon a cultural icon to be treasured for generations.

The splendour of The Jewelled Dragon will be on display at The Perth Mint until sold out.

Technical Specifications
Gold Content (Troy oz)   10
Fineness (% purity)   99.99
Rose Gold Content – Dragon (Troy oz)   0.418*
Fineness (% purity)   76.29
Argyle Pink Diamonds (carat)   0.73ct approx.**
Quality   Fancy Intense / Vivid Pink / Purplish
Colombian Muzo Emerald (carat)   0.005ct
Colour   Green
Monetary Denomination (AUD)   2,000
Minimum Gross Weight (g)   323.566
Maximum Diameter (mm)   60.60
Maximum Thickness Including the Dragon (mm)   16.00
Maximum Mintage   9
Designer   Ing Ing Jong
*Includes 22.28% Copper and 1.43% Silver
**Total of all diamonds

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