Author Topic: Buy back of Panda bullion coins from China private bank in china  (Read 110 times)

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Buy back of Panda bullion coins from China private bank in china
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2019, 09:04:43 AM »
Panda gold coin has developed since 1982 as bullion coins for foreign currency for China government.

The first panda coins have several specimen coins with very ultra low mintage which can count by finger. Only one has been selected to mint for selling to public. However, the first panda bullion coin of china minted in 1982  has been in heated discussion which it has no face value on it so it is a non fiat coin aka medal (non legal tender) at the context. Ended, POBC has issued document to state it is legal tender without face value.

Over the years, china panda bullion coins have attracted the world attention and collectors. It has become an investment assets.

Many of you and even some avid panda collectors and MCC collectors do not know which all precious metal coin issued and minted by China and sell in china is subjecting to the taxes. It has attracted 17% taxes for local buyer. However, the government has encourage local to purchase panda bullion coins as investment and saving so the 17% taxes has been exempted for panda bullion coins in 2013 BUT all other precious metal MCC are subjecting to the taxes.

On top of the exempt taxes for panda bullion coins which Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen sales center have started the buy back policy and scheme.

in 2018 which shanghai gold exchange center has starting listing the gold panda bullion coins.

in recent development of 2019 which Private banks have started the buy back panda bullion coins with conditions. This has expand the networks and point of buy and sell of panda bullion coins.

I consider this as good development even the mintage has increased greatly. As long as more buyers which more supply will be balancing.

Many have view increasing panda coin mintage has distort the investment value and potential. In facts, they never compare to the other investment bullion coins supply and demand, design and so on.

Am I expect maple tree and Britania bullion coin can turn into semi numic and gain better value than panda coins?

Perth Mint Lunar still low in value BUT Perth Mint did keep adding on more series for the bullion coins. On top of it, private sponsor and coin  dealers also get Perth Mint to mint more and more series. But adding up those series mintage which is not low. Few items and series have been hype by market and many flippers BUT it end up the subsequent coins has less buyers and hyping are fail in soft market and soft economy. Worst those hype item like swan, dragon and phoenix coins with super low mintage has failed to sell after you bought at peak price. Many have tried to sell BUT fail which they get into trap of hyping and flipping. Flipping need to be at right time and place which NOT you will success all times especially those use credit cards to roll and flip.

So make you right decision, known you situation and objective to form a correct buying decision.     

I have many panda, Perth mint kilo lunar, 1 oz Perth Mint Lunar, Old Britania, Mexico libertard 1 oz, 5 oz and 2 oz lowest mintage and so on. I has holding them for 6 years instead of flipping.

Overall panda give me better investment return and easier in selling at better price to collectors than to liquidate in bullion shops. Here our webpage for all numic & other collectible items.

I am not affiliated to and Barsenault since May 2017. You will notice a soap opera and drama are happening.

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