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Coins discussion by Sun Keqian
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2019, 06:19:02 PM »
Mr Sun Ke qian is the author of China circulating coins of few books and also PCGS consultant. The PCGS circulating coins is using his index for the grading label.

He is very active in collecting, selling, writing books, educating coin program to organisation and school.

Here is one of his video in mandarin

This topic is discussion of the "value".

Why actress remuneration package is much higher than science workers, professional and others in china and even overseas. It is a global trend.

As when human being achieve the basis needs of foods, cloth and shelter which the luxury "want" become important to them. Therefore, they more than willing to pay the actress than science workers. The precept value of the actress is higher than other industry providers. This is the effect of higher GDP. We can see this happening to USA coins which morgan dollars go sky rocket high. China GDP is growing would this happen to china coins (legal and non legal tenders)?

Overall the global economic is slow. The coins market still soft. However, as when market pick up which people get higher GDP and income the price will change accordingly. Here our webpage for all numic & other collectible items.

I am not affiliated to and Barsenault since May 2017. You will notice a soap opera and drama are happening.

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