Author Topic: 10th of JinGu Brass/Copper Medal club panda by Yu Min (83 panda coin designer)  (Read 256 times)

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10th of JinGu Brass/Copper Medal club panda by Yu Min (83 & other years 12 oz panda coins designer).

This is from private mint and design by Yu Min. It has 4 varieties which are :-

Brass Mintage 198 ; 80 mm diameter
Paktong Mintage 80 ; 80 mm diameter
Silver Mintage 30 ; 450 gram
Brass casting mintage 80 ; 155 mm diameter

Personally, I do not like this due to the hands and legs of the panda not proportionate and private mint stuff. I did deal few times with the sponsor which is good.

I did sold few of it last week. The 155 mm is hard to get at the moment BUT I assume it will available in weeks in higher price.

The silver has been bought out by one dealer. I have one for sell and might be fast gone because the price is 30% or more below ebay price.

Here the photo   Brass
155 mm Brass casting silver Here our webpage for all numic & other collectible items.

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