Author Topic: Fiat (legal tender) vs Non fiat (non legal tender) aka medal discussion  (Read 50 times)

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Fiat (legal tender) vs Non fiat (non legal tender) aka medal discussion
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2019, 02:24:53 AM »
China Mint forum hate non fiat coins and shiting on it. However, they do not spill on few senior members who speak of no fiat coin aka medal. In the other way they praise on them. It is triple standard on themselves. It is just an old boy club rubbing on each other back. However, there many knowledgeable members there too.

They has no courage and dare not even mention the significant drop of price of fiat coin to support their view of non fiat coins have dropped significantly.

The 1/2 oz 1995 gold panda fiat coin is one of the typical example which drop from 20K to 10K. The 1998 gold panda too.

The 2001 small d silver panda and the 1995 micro date silver panda which have dropped more than 50% of peak price.

China legal tender and non legal tender have their own customer segment. The different is fiat coin with higher mintage and higher number of collector BUT non fiat coin has lower mintage and lower number of collectors. Thus, both base on demand and supply too and both are no as liquid as bullion play since it is numic.

Therefore, this tell us which you need to be more careful and do more homework in purchasing decision making.

Generally, in late 2018 & 2019 china Fiat coin always hype during release timing than go low after the hype is over. This also happen in early year except from 2016 to mid 2018 for many new modern china legal tender coins.

As non fiat which depend on sponsor and official mint vs non official mint. More information need to obtain for right decision making vs legal tender coin.

Hopefully this information help. I will write more on and off for this matter. However, take note time and situation change which the decision making will change. Therefore, this general guides will change too. Here our webpage for all numic & other collectible items.

I am not affiliated to and Barsenault since May 2017. You will notice a soap opera and drama are happening.

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