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2020 Black swan Chinese valentine special edition with little high relief


Many known of Perth mint swan bullion coins due to larger buyers of lower premium silver coin for investing, flipping and collecting.

Those numic grade proof coin are higher premium and price. However, it is proof finishing instead of bullion finishing. It takes extra efforts and procedure in minting plus extra costs in box and coa with lower mintage. Therefore the per unit cost is higher for 100 or few thousand times mintage bullion coins which has significantly lower cost per unit for design , minting dies , machine startup cost and others.

It just 2 different products with differ appealing and target customer group. Hard to do an Apple to Apple comparison.

Here the Samoa proof silver coin for Coming 2020 Chinese valentine black swan with little high relief technic minting. On top of it , they use special minting technic to reflect black toning background and mirror proof background on each coins.

It costs around 140 in china.


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