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Panda expo series by Shanghai Mint


Here my gold 1 oz turn out as NGC

 PF70. Low baller which no 1 oz MS70 gold for trade.

Panda expo series by Shanghai Mint is a nice series. I love the Great-wall design especially the cloud. However, I do not like the expo panda 1 which claim by local as defective designed panda among few insider collectors within the group and with minting issue of white spots and haze for silver. However, it is a smart ideas to turn the so call defective designed panda as "wealth generator panda" to attract local collector purchase. The 2nd and 3rd years panda are much better design BUT sad to say one of the year which the panda expo sponsor used same design of Macoa coin show panda by changing the background ONLY. Both pandas' of panda expo and Macoa coin show panda are same designer. Than the 5 & 6 th panda expo design is not my type. I am also collecting some of the varieties of this series BUT sick of the hyping in formation and actions by english forums and the sponsors. The active advocators of the  the series by the 2 english chinese coins forum have hidden themselves up after more information been leak out to local market. They dare not to show the truth to english forum in order to preserve their image. In fact, panda expo series and classical garden series are by same group of people and sponsor. I am the ONLY one provide you more information on it even this will damage my value of the collection due to I own a fair amount of the coins of both series.

Panda Expo series has started at 2013 for workshop and dinner and dance parties. The second years which left dinner and dance party ONLY. If not wrong the 3rd years not even a dinner and dance party BUT nothings happen.

Both China Mint forum and Coin Compendium Forum english forums have actively promoting the series. However, many information in the forums were not truth.

First, the series start from 2nd are not for panda expo workshop and seminar which dinner and dance ONLY. The worst is there is not even any dinner and dance at 3rd years and so on.

Second, the gold, brass and copper expo 1 varieties have been minted as planned mintage as deduce NOT as told which few minted than the minting dies broken which the balance were not minting by the mint. NGC census show the gold have more than 10 been graded. I will find other evidences to show by Photo.

Third, the forums claim that the rare varieties panda expo 1 ONLY available for VVIP who attend the show in order to attract attention and to sell at higher price which is in question. Historydog in ebay has listed the gold panda expo 1 for bidding sell at floor price 5k USD. I guess he pay much more than 5K. Now, I got another 1 from China auction house at low price. I have been offer at NGC MS70 bullion panda coin 1 oz price which been rejected by me. However, I will accept below 5 K without bidding. On top of it the so call VVIP antique brass and antique copper with mintage 30 also been sold in auction house so the bullshit of few minted ONLY are not truth.

Here the photo of the gold expo panda 1.   


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