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Hi all,

I have starting the pre order.

Silver at 219USD
Silver antique at 419 USD

Price has up average at 40 due to :-

1. 26 silver spot up for 2 oz silver
2. weaker USD against RMB/CNY
3. Higher surcharge 4USD for shipping since covic 19
4. Higher per unit cost due to mintage down for 1/3
5. Higher shipping fee of 20%

Estimate silver antique left 7 pieces for pre order.

Second batch of email will send next 2 weeks to clear more of it.
Here the draft design of the box and coa.

Lunar panda series has been in the market for 6 years. Ox is the lucky 7th.

Ox is the KEY DATE of 2nd cycle lunar legal tender coin. This will be no exceptional for this non fiat coin Lunar series. We have worked hard to get approval of lowest mintage of previous years. The mintage is limited for 199 for silver. The antique silver at 99 and gold at 19 remain the same.

It likely the lunar ox panda would be the key date among the 6 previous lunar. The mintage has been cut down significantly. However, lower mintage will lead to higher per unit cost and the spike of silver spot to double Vs lunar rat also lead to higher cost. Generally, overall panda coins and silver coins price have up globally due to much higher spot. This does not deter collectors in buying but lead to shortage of silver and higher premium. This especially true globally.

Lunar panda ox will start pre order in end Feb or later. Not to give a miss of the highly possible key date of the series.

You can start express your interest by private message me even I yet to get the final price.

Many have texted me of lunar ox panda many month ago.

It is a big delay in designing and minting of lunar ox panda Vs last few years. One of the designer has retired in 2020. We take longer time in designing and finalising it.

Here the final draft design.

It is a tough 2020 globally. Hopefully, the ox will bring us twightlight.

2021 Lunar ox panda concept which are :-

1. Lovely panda with the Greatwall that represent symbolic of China.

2. The adult panda shows the father love by benting down his head and whispering to cute toddler about the happening from generation to generation. Be strong like the greatwall, be united as family, panda group and as well as a country and bringing the love and diplomacy globally during this difficult period since you represent china.

3. Happy ox family living harmony in the nature habitat with blue sky. The mother showing the care and love to the kid. The father is guarding and protecting his family at the back in order to handle any incident with his muscular body and strong horn.

PANDA concept - story and experience sharing of father love.

OX concept - Guarding the family to ensure they live in harmony and love environment.


The design are all consistent from monkey to ox. It is classic lunar design by choosing the rare and/or real animal(lunar) in China. let's recall the memory of the series of the LUNAR selected :-

MONKEY - Golden snub-nosed monkey or Sichuan golden hair monkey (四川金丝猴).

ROOSTER - Cochin breed of China.

DOG - Peiking dog of China Beijing.

PIG - Peiking/Beijing Black of China.

RAT - The China rat is belong to "Rhizomyidae" categories species that live in southern areas of China.

As you guy aware which this lunar panda series design concept always link with global and China development because panda is the diplomatic of China. Let recap the 1st till 5th years panda message before we go to this 2021 panda design.

2015 the 1st year "Lunar Goat Panda" - The "diplomat panda" which symbol of friendship with foreign countries in diplomatic occasions to kick start the series.

2016 the 2nd year "Lunar Monkey Panda" - The "sitting panda" to guard China and eager to visit the world.

2017 The 3rd years "Lunar Roaster Panda" - The "walking panda" brings us the message of "Panda" is going to the world by bringing the friendship message.

2018 The 4th years "Lunar Peiking Dog Panda" - The "playful panda" which open up the door of Great Wall and welcoming all the friends globally for fun playing.

2019 The 5th years "Lunar Pig Panda" - The "Retro panda" a bridge and platform between Fiat and Non fiat coins Panda coins at equal status which hoping USA and China trade war can discuss in open and equal platform. The 2019 panda fiat coin concept is "延续人文关怀 -母子亲情,天之大伦." The 2019 Panda non fiat coin by Shenyang concept is similar "延续人文关怀 -父子亲情,天之大伦." Fiat coin is all about "mother love" in turn the non fiat coin by Shenyang is all about "father love". Chinese call this "Yin" and "Yang" which represent "mother" and"father". This is the so call equal platform of fiat and non fiat coin.

2020 - The 6th years "Lunar Rat Panda" - The "Happy & serene panda" to standby and withstand the coming future regardless it is good or/and bad in current global uncertainty. Optimistic and go happy rather than worrying so much as long as there is a good family accompany you.

So what is the design message and concept for 2021 lunar panda ox ?
150 g silver panda proof coin Vs bullion coin
Specimen coin of Nanjing greatwall panda #1 with 6 mintage.

Temple of heaven 4

2021 new year coins is here. First year of gold coin 3 yuan.

As usual this is hyping and flipping coin. Not buy while the price is high except you think gold and silver will go sky rocket high

Pacific Island Coins / China dragon silver coin
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This coin looks great and good.

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2021 1 g gold panda coin.

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