Author Topic: Nanjing Mint 2016 Panda and Great Wall Silver Panda PF 70 UC - fair price?  (Read 1537 times)

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Thanks, hard to find finished ebay transactions, though.
I'll let you know what it finally sold for (if i sell it).

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I will :-

1. Check ebay last transaction price and date.
2. Reduce 5% of ebay price if deal outside ebay
3. weight the peak and bottom price of ebay than adjust it.
4. if the ebay price seems not logic due to shady/fake transactions than personal judgement needed.

However, this my personal view only. It is very hard to justify a price for low mintage item vs bullion panda with few mio mintage. Some willing to pay high some view it just worth bullion. lovers and haters exist.

Trump will view his ways of negotiation as art and his followers totally support and agree on it. In other hands, others will view his is not BUT in extreme. Therefore, it is hard to please everyone. Here our webpage for all numic & other collectible items.

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Hi all,

i have an offer for my 2016 Nanjing Panda and i'm thinking about selling it but i'm not sure what a fair price would be and i don't want to overcharge the buyer, but i don't want to get ripped of either.
Can anyone offer suggestions what a fair price for both parties could be?
Picture included so everyone knows what medal i'm talking about.

Thanks for your help


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