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2020 Guangzhou coin show photo
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2020, 05:22:49 AM »
2020 Guangzhou coin show photo. The coin show has happening on weekend 19 to 20 September 2020.

It is crowed and attract collectors without deter by the covic 2019. You can see there are wearing mask. Social distance isn’t possible and not necessary since the covic 19 are almost less than double digit or just single digit per day.

Most of the cases are imported from foreign countries. Yunan has locked down for 2 weeks due to mynmar jade Traders and foreigners has smuggle into China illegally and wide Spread the virus. It likely open up in next few days.

Nevertheless , seems coin market still hot and not hammer by the economy Recession. Has coin market out from softmarket and winter with the increasing precious metal spot price!!!!

I do see more activities in buying and selling in majority of the countries. More rare items been show up too. Hoarding is common for coin market regardless of legal tender fiat coin or non legal tender non fiat coin. The uptrend of market and recession make them dip into their last tiles of their house and sell as much as possible at good price. So hoarding of old and rare items likely show up but not expect price is Super cheap due to uptrend market. However you can expect lower if you bought items that overly priced like silver pagoda set ( non fiat) at 25k and 1/2 gold panda Fiat coin at 30k, scallop ox silver NGC pf70 at 2k. All at least loss 50 to 80%. This story tell you careful in purchase decision by Seeking many opinions and sources of information. Many dealers puppets, lobbying and self declare expert who try to get your money by projecting themselves as helping you and neutral.
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